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Get to Know Your Truck Repair & Maintenance Solution in Edmonton

Keith and Hayley McMaster established Fireweed Heavy Truck & Equipment Repairs in 2008, and began providing mobile services for trucks and fleets in the Edmonton area. The business quickly grew, and Keith found he couldn’t properly service all his customers from one truck, so he decided to open a shop with more technicians, space, and equipment. In July of 2015, the dream became a reality when Fireweed began serving customers at its facility located on 51 Avenue NW in Edmonton. With mobile service and a shop, Fireweed can offer truck repair and maintenance solutions whenever and wherever customers’ need them.

Before opening his own business, Keith spent a few years working for independent and dealership shops in the Edmonton area. After a time, he decided he could offer better solutions to customers’ concerns and issues than the shops he had been working for. Now with more than 20 years of truck and heavy equipment repair experience, plus his N.A.I.T. certification, Keith is the solution provider—not just service provider—he believed he could be.

We hope you’ll call Fireweed the next time you need truck repairs or maintenance. Our team of journeyman technicians will work hard to exceed your expectations for service.

“I love helping our customers find solutions to their concerns.”- Keith McMaster, Owner

Meet Our Team

  • Keith  McMaster owner of Fireweed Heavy Truck & Equipment Repairs
    Keith McMasterOwner
  • BrettBusiness Development Officer
  • SawyerHeavy Equipment Technician
  • Kent
  • Theo