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Fireweed Heavy Truck & Equipment is a GMC specialist repair shop located in Edmonton, Alberta. We're proud to provide exceptional service for GMC owners with more than 20 years of truck and heavy equipment repair experience.

If there’s one thing GMC does well, it’s light and medium-duty diesel pickup trucks. Arguably, this is one reason why construction companies and yard crews love them-if it wasn’t enough that they can haul a lot of gear with ease. For many tradesmen, that GMC truck is their most valuable tool, taking them from one jobsite to another, then parking in the same places a passenger car could.

However, although GMC trucks are rugged, they aren’t indestructible. As diesel vehicles, they need a disciplined and dedicated maintenance schedule to keep running their best. It’s the best way to ensure your valued truck needs GMC truck repair as infrequently as possible, so you can keep working. Often, routine maintenance checks reveal GMC truck repair needs at the best possible time: before the breakdown happens. This is especially true with minor repairs, like break pads and serpentine belts.

Unfortunately, everyone is unlucky occasionally. When that happens, you need a diesel technician to diagnose your truck and perform GMC truck repair as soon as possible. At Fireweed Service, we regularly work on GMC trucks and know them inside-out. Your truck will be back on the road before you know it.

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