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Fireweed Heavy Truck & Equipment is a Dodge specialist repair shop located in Edmonton, Alberta. We're proud to provide exceptional service for Dodge Ram owners with more than 20 years of truck and heavy equipment repair experience.

Another light and medium-duty diesel truck manufacturer, Dodge Ram trucks are common sights at home construction worksites. With available crew cabs, the Ram truck often transports crews and their gear to wherever the job takes them. In fact, this is one reason why the Dodge Ram is so popular with yard maintenance companies and similar applications. Especially when you consider that many Ram trucks are built for heavy towing. Likewise, carpenters and other tradesmen frequently turn to Ram for superior quality work vans.

However, even these trucks need Dodge repair occasionally. Whether it’s a blown taillight from rocks at the worksite, a flat tire, or some thing more serious, many repairs can take your valuable truck out of commission. And, when that happens you may experience work stoppages or slowdowns because you need to haul your stuff another way.

Luckily, Dodge repair and Ram repair are easy to get if you live in our service area. Just call our shop, and we’ll arrange to look at your vehicle. Drive it to our shop if you can, and if you can’t, we’ll help get it towed. Finally, for trucks that are stuck, there’s a mobile mechanic service. We’ll advise you if this option is appropriate for your truck, or if we need to repair your ride outside the shop.

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