Chevrolet Truck Repair in Edmonton, Alberta

Fireweed Heavy Truck & Equipment is a Chevrolet specialist repair shop located in Edmonton, Alberta. We're proud to provide exceptional service for Chevrolet owners with more than 20 years of truck and heavy equipment repair experience.

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A diesel engine requires a diesel mechanic, whether you have a Chevy truck to work on construction jobs, rush between oil rigs, or toiling on the ranch. We get it: you’d probably rather take your truck to the same place that fixes your family passenger car for Chevrolet truck repair, but these special engines benefit the most from mechanics that are specially trained to fix them.

Here’s the other thing with Chevrolet truck repair: while having the family car break down is inconvenient, you can usually rent a car while yours is in the shop. This is also true with gasoline pickup trucks that mostly provide transportation and do the occasional haul.

Unfortunately, if your diesel Chevy breaks down, there’s a high chance the downtime is disrupting your business. For instance, you might not be able to drive to different jobsites with all of your tools in their designated places. When disaster strikes, Chevrolet truck repair is just a phone call away. At Fireweed, we’ll help you get the truck towed to our garage if it can’t be driven. Then our expert technicians will diagnose your truck’s problem and perform top notch Chevrolet truck repair efficiently so you can get back to work.

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Customer Reviews From Edmonton Locals & Over the Road Truckers

We pride ourselves in providing quality workmanship and service with a smile. Read our customer's reviews and experiences.

Highly recommended, Cheryl and other staff are very professional. I brought my truck to them because it has less power, they will carefully check and diagnose the problem and find a solution. I’m very happy and satisfied customer, reasonable price no extra charges, straight to the point and the owner Keith will talk to you personally and will give you some tips about your truck. Absolutely perfect!!

Local Business
2 weeks ago

I have a 5 ton truck, a few weeks ago I had a malfunction and decided to go to this mechanic shop for a check and quote. The staff were charming and professional, discovered the problem quickly and gaved me a reasonable price unlike the other shops I was in. They gave me lovely service, honored me with coffee and Netflix until they fixed my truck. I definitely appreciate your work and will come again! highly recommend!

Mike SV
2 months ago

After a long search for a reliable and professional place we came to this amazing mechanic shop.
Absolutely charming people, professional, reliable and I definitely recommend them! They have reasonable prices, they do the job properly! Other than that they gave us an excellent attitude and a very quick response! Really appreciate you guys!! Thank you soo much, if there was more them 5 stars you definitely deserve it!!

2 months ago

Top Notch Crew. Keith and the crew, are very knowledge, friendly and mostly there when you need them most. Get you the road as quick as possible.

2 months ago

One of the greatest Heavy Truck repair facilities I have the pleasure of working with. The entire staff are great to work with and are very professional when visiting customer sites. Great work for a great price. Highly recommend Fireweed Heavy Truck & Equipment Repairs for all your maintenance needs.

3 months ago

Great guy. Came to fix my ramp on my reefer trailer and didn't waste any time. Thank you so much.

6 months ago

I have called Fireweed quite a few times for repairs on the road and each and every time I have had a positive experience! They are always ready, willing and able to help me out! Great service and great employees! Extremely courteous and knowledgeable! It doesn't get any better than that in my books! Thank you Fireweed for all your help and great service! You always go out of your way to help your customers and that is a major plus when you need to keep your freight rolling! Great service!

Kelly Hall
1 year ago

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