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Fireweed Heavy Truck & Equipment is a School Bus specialist repair shop located in Edmonton, Alberta. We're proud to provide exceptional service for School Bus Fleet owners with more than 20 years of truck and heavy equipment repair experience.

No matter how large your school district or student transport company is, the school bus fleet is critical to your success. For schools, getting students to class on time is critical, and parents may complain to the school district about any service delays. Likewise, transport companies need to demonstrate that they and their busses are a safe and reliable way to transport students every day of the week.

While you can’t control bad weather and the occasional heavy traffic, you can make sure that your school bus is well-maintained. Minimizing school bus repair-related problems begins with preventive maintenance, like oil changes and rotating the tires. In addition, school busses must be especially careful about safety due to the large number of passengers during each run.

Unfortunately, even with the best maintenance, school bus repair is a fact of life. Parts wear out over time, and while many of these can be found and fixed before they leave your bus on the side of the road, in other cases there’s little to no warning. 

No matter what you need, Fireweed Service can provide school bus repair promptly. We’ll maintain your bus to keep it driving its best. And, we’ll fix the bus when necessary. Just give us a call.

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