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Fireweed Heavy Truck & Equipment is a Hino specialist repair shop located in Edmonton, Alberta. We're proud to provide exceptional service for Hino owners with more than 20 years of truck and heavy equipment repair experience.

Hino trucks are light and medium-duty tractors that can be turned into box trucks and medium hauling with their integrated trailer bed. A less-known brand, Hino is a part of the Toyota group. However, just because they’re part of Toyota doesn’t mean that you can use a regular Toyota dealer to get Hino repair. Car dealerships primarily work with passenger cars and gas-powered vans or trucks. With proper care at a specialty mechanic, your Hino truck can minimize downtime and drive for many miles while making you money.

At Fireweed Service, we understand how to make Hino repairs as painless as possible. If your Hino breaks down or shows signs of needing a mechanic, and you’re in our service area, give us a call. We can have your truck towed if necessary, or make room for you to drive the truck to us. Or for situations where we can’t tow the truck and it’s inoperable, we’ll bring a mobile mechanic to you. Either way, you and your truck should be back on the road quickly, with the best Hino repair.

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