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About Our Diesel Truck & Trailer Repair Shop

Driving a truck can be dangerous enough, but driving a truck in need of repair is risky too. A truck repair shop must adhere to strict safety guidelines to protect its employees and the general public on public roads. Tired of searching for commercial truck repair near me on Google? Well, we are here to rescue your truck. 

Diesel Truck Repair Services Offered

Fireweed Heavy Truck & Equipment Repairs provides repair services for trucks within Edmonton, Alberta, for all models and brands of trucks. 

We offer a specialized service for trucks, including brake repair, diagnostics, and engine rebuilding, EGR/PDF service installation of exhaust works and engine rebuilds, as well as clutch replacement (also comprising CVT Transmissions) and repair work on the truck's windshield.

If you require pm service maintenance and repairs for your diesel engine or diesel trucks, our expert semi truck repair shop team can assist you in getting back on the road quickly and efficiently. 

Our expert services are available for any tractor-trailer service, including heavy truck repairs and fleet maintenance, basically that if it is running on diesel and we can fix it, we'll do it! 

You can count on our highly trained technicians to ensure that your vehicle is in good condition for repair. Reliable and trustworthy OEM replacement parts and similar ones are used to repair your vehicle in the course of repair. Whatever model you have, whether it's an electronic pick-up or a large semi-truck, or a medium to light service fleet, our knowledgeable team will offer the best quality of service to you, our customer.

Truck & Trailer Repair Services Common Problems & Solutions

Here are the truck repair services that are offered by Fireweed Heavy Truck & Equipment Repairs with typical issues that could hinder your truck from functioning correctly, and how to resolve these issues:

Electrical and Diagnostics for Trucks: The truck may be experiencing electrical problems. It won't likely start, or the truck's battery is drained.

Coolant System: Vehicles might be overheating because the cooling system has to be cleaned out of corrosive substances.

Engine Repair and Rebuilds: The engine could be suffering from a blocked filter due to inadequate oil changes that hit.

Diagnostics and Electrical: It can cause engines to shut off completely or may be due to a tension relief valve.

Fluid and Oil: The truck will require an oil filter and new oil installed and require an oil flush.

Truck Suspension: The truck could be running low due to leaks in the suspension air or shocks on the truck that aren't working correctly.

Truck Transmissions and Clutches: The truck may be shifting incorrectly because of worn-out transmission parts or the truck's clutch shifting.

Truck Repair Services

When you maintain your truck in good shape, You can get higher fuel efficiency, decrease emissions, boost your truck's power, prevent breakdowns that result in time and money loss, and extend your time to live with your engine.

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Brake Repair Services

To protect yourself and your family on roads, Fireweed Heavy Truck & Equipment Repairs provides commercial truck brake repair throughout Edmonton, Alberta including semi rotors, semi pads, and semi drum brake repair (semi drums/semi rotors). Brake repairs are repair services that owners of trucks need to ensure that their truck's brakes are functioning safely.

Technicians for trucks can also do repairs to trucks, including replacing the starter on a truck, replacing the water pump, and replacing fuel filters for trucks.

Coolant System Services

Fireweed Heavy Truck & Equipment Repairs provides semi-annual or bi-annual (depending on the specifications provided by the manufacturer) cooling system flushes that can reduce wear and corrosion on all parts of the engine. This is a cost-effective repair for trucks that can help you save thousands of dollars on costly repairs to your truck, including radiator motors for fans.

Commercial diesel mechanics inspect the belts on the engines of trucks to check that the belt is in good condition, tension and alignment. They will also examine the cables for battery power in trucks, the spark plugs, and the ignition systems from older models of trucks to determine if the cables have frayed or corroded.

Oil Change Services

If truck oil isn't changed on a regular time frame, engine sludge accumulates inside the truck engine, which causes the parts of the truck to wear out early. Technicians from trucks can carry out oil changes for trucks during tune-ups. Fireweed Heavy Truck & Equipment Repairs uses semi-synthetic truck oils for commercial diesel engines that offer greater protection from the buildup of heat and oxidation over regular mineral oils.

Transmission Repair Services

If your vehicle is not shifting properly or doesn't shift in any way, repairs to the Transmission may be required. Repairs for the Transmission can comprise complete overhauls, pump replacements, repairs to solenoid parts, valve body repairs and adjustments to the fluid band replacement, and the replacement of the truck's fluid filter.

Truck Shocks & Struts

Commercial diesel mechanics can examine the condition, adjust and replace any truck shocks and suspension struts during semi-annual or annual inspections of the truck, along with tires rotations, to maintain your commercial diesel vehicle moving more smoothly than ever before!

Diagnostics & Electrical Services

If problems with the truck can't be identified, using an instrument for scanning trucks and truck technicians can use trucks testers or panels for the breaker to conduct truck diagnostics for electrical systems, including charging systems and truck starting systems.

Driveline Services

Diagnostic tools for trucks are also used for testing transmission drive lines for trucks and drivelines for engines in trucks and transfer drive line rear axle joints on trucks and front wheel bearings.

EGR & DPF Services

EGR is an abbreviation for Exhaust Gas Recirculation that is an important type of truck repair carried out during semi-annual tune-ups of trucks. PDF is a shorthand in the form of Diesel Particulate Filter is an element of the truck's exhaust system that filters out Diesel particulates from the exhaust gas to keep the air clean and decrease pollution from the truck.

Engine Repair & Rebuild

Fireweed Heavy Truck & Equipment Repairs truck repair specialists are experts in truck engine and engine rebuilding (overhaul kits), maintenance of cylinder heads on trucks, and replacement of piston rings on trucks, as well as other engine services to ensure your diesel-powered trucks are running as good as new.

Battery Services

Proper storage of the truck battery is essential to stop corrosion of the batteries in trucks which could cause acid leaks and could cause fires. If you require truck batteries or truck equipment batteries, truck batteries technicians at Truck Repair can repair your truck battery, which includes repairs to the charger on your truck.

Exhaust Systems

Repairs for exhaust trucks include repair of the turbocharger in a truck and replacement of the exhaust manifold on trucks and repairs to the truck's muffler, catalytic converters for truck replacements and repair of the exhaust pipe on trucks and replacement.

HVAC Systems

Repairs to the compressor on trucks are repairs required by owners of trucks to ensure that their truck's air conditioning units and refrigeration units, truck heating units and truck defrosters are operating efficiently. 

Professional HVAC technicians provide semi-annual or annual inspections for commercial diesel vehicles for all models and make of heavy-duty vehicles (regardless of the type or size). This is a cheap repair for your truck that can extend the lifespan of your vehicle's HVAC system and boost the efficiency of your HVAC system.

Suspension Systems

Before repair shops for truck repairs can be able to approve repairs to trucks or replacements, truck owners have to conduct truck suspension alignment tests as a method to determine the number of repairs needed for trucks.

Transmission and Clutches

If repairs to the Transmission of a truck are required, owners of trucks should ensure that repairs are followed up with semi-annual or annual tune-ups of the truck to make sure that all truck components work together.

Fluid Leaks

Many repair shops for trucks provide commercial diesel inspections of vehicles for all brands and designs of high-performance vehicles regardless of size or type. That is a cost-effective repair to your truck that will prolong the lifespan of your vehicle's ride quality and boost the efficiency of your truck.

What makes Fireweed Heavy Truck & Equipment Repairs Special?

The helpful staff of Fireweed Heavy Truck & Equipment Repairs wants every customer to feel that they're welcome every time they enter. The ability to build a lasting relationship with our customers and our expert team is the most significant factor in establishing the impression that you are treated like someone you've known for an extended period. We're determined to provide an efficient and quick service. We will also maintain our good name by fixing trucks and trailers whenever we can.

You can trust us to guarantee the massive power of your diesel vehicle's strong horsepower and durability over the long haul for your diesel engine. We provide various repair and maintenance solutions for diesel trucks for personal and commercial automobiles of all sorts and models. From simple adjustments of the valve to complicated fuel injector repair, we have the knowledge and experience to assist you in getting back on the road in the shortest time.

We are pleased to provide top-quality repair services for trucks. We also provide exceptional customer service and even the tiniest of details. We are very happy with our facility, equipped with the latest tools to ensure that any problems that could occur with your vehicle are dealt with properly and with the correct order from the first time.

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