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Understanding the intricacies of diesel diagnostics is more than just reading trouble codes; it's a language of its own. Firewood Heavy Truck & Equipment Repairs in Edmonton, AB, is fluent in this language and equipped with industry-leading tools to translate it, making your truck repairs a breeze.

Do Heavy-Duty Trucks Use OBD2?

No, heavy-duty trucks typically do not use the OBD2 (On-Board Diagnostics II) system. They use their own diagnostic systems, such as J1939, which are specifically designed for larger vehicles like heavy-duty trucks. These systems are more robust and capable of handling the unique requirements of these vehicles, which often have different engines and components than those found in typical passenger vehicles covered by OBD2.

We've Partnered With Fullbay and Mitchell 1

Understanding what trouble codes mean can be a puzzle — don’t let it stress you out. We use Mitchell 1's RepairConnect, one of the best heavy truck diagnostic tools on the market, to help you bid farewell to your truck’s confusing trouble codes. 

RepairConnect is our ticket to moving swiftly from DTC to repair — no more guesswork needed. Plus, our partnership with Fullbay Heavy Truck Repair management software means you get faster appointments and service than ever before. Together with Mitchell 1, we have the expertise and technology to tackle all kinds of Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs). Whether it's transmission trouble codes, engine trouble codes, or Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) trouble codes, we speak the language.

Finding the Root Cause: Truck Diagnostics in Edmonton, AB

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Has your truck gone into derate? A derate means the program inside the engine computer limits either the power or vehicle speed. It's essentially there to protect your engine and DPF from harm. If you’ve got a derate or any DPF regen issues, bring your truck to us! We decipher the code, locate the issue, and get you back on the road with full power.

Areas We Service

At Fireweed Heavy Truck & Equipment Repairs, we proudly extend our services to numerous cities within a short distance of our shop in Edmonton, AB. Regardless of whether you are in Devon, Fort Saskatchewan, Gibbons, Morinville, Namao, or St. Albert, or anywhere nearby such as Looma, Ardrossan, and Cooking Lake, our expert team can help. We've got your communities covered, ensuring that you can count on us for all your repair and maintenance needs.

From DPF Regen Problems to DTCs, We've Got You Covered

Ready to keep your heavy-duty truck fleet running at its best? Contact us now, and let's decode those trouble codes, help you with derates, and ensure your vehicles stay in prime condition. Your fleet deserves the best, and we're here to deliver it. Don't wait; get in touch today for industry-leading diesel diagnostics and maintenance.

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